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English Introduction


What is about this page?


This page is about faye wong, who is singer in Hongkong. I will provide faye news in Korean, and faye's realaudios which is not so easy to find in her CD. I will also make my picture page of faye pictures taken by myself. If you wanna know about faye, or like faye, Please visit my page.



News page is the news of faye. Most of them is translated by myself from English or Chinese into Korean. This page is for Korean faye fans who doesn't understand Chinese.



Article page is the articles of faye. They are in Korean, too. There are lots of faye article in English and Chinese, so I just make in Korean. There will be ELLE interview CD translation, Korean magazine [Let's] int. (I'll translate it English or Chinese next time.), faye story in Korean, and so on.



Photo page is consist of faye pictures. Most of  faye picture taken by myself. Don't forget come to Check!

Rare Song


This page is RA files of faye's song. The one is Rare song, which is not so easy to find from faye CD (specially for Korean fans). And the other one is Remix song of faye song, of course include faye's voice. I put only good one. And I also put faye songs, but sing by other singer. Go to Check What is updated! There are also English Caption, and if you have Korean font or NJWIN,Unionway, Just change Korean font, and you can see Chinese Charater and Chinese Title of that songs.



This page is abour faye's Movie, which is Chungking Express and Beyond diary. And The second one is about faye's TV series. Faye had acted about three TV dreama. And the other one is faye's music special from TVB. I'll provide 2 kinds of music special. with Tony Leung and with Ekin Cheung. I also put those pictures about these series......Don't miss it!



 This page has a article of my feeling about '94,'98 faye concert. It was really great experience for me. (In Korean)



This is simple! Just my link page. Korean & English!



Please sign my guestbook! There are Enblish caption, so you can understand how to write. You just go to the site and find "Write" in the bottom and click it. Then you can write any message to me.

Web board


This is my Web board about my page. You can write anything. You can ask something to me, or write something about Ah faye... But That is in Korean. So, If you have any Question to me, E-mail me or write it in Guestbook!


Thank you everybody visit my Homepage!
And Thank you faye wong!!